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OG Arts is a partnership between two local carpenters who, together, design and create a beautiful array of wooden products.  OG stands for Original .

The pair, both originally from Zimbabwe, have been collaborating for over 20 years with Alfred leading on artistic design and Twanda as the primary carpenter and carver.

Alfred and Twanda are from the TokaLeya tribe of the Mukuni Chiefdom.When things became financially and politically difficult in Zimbabwe they moved to Zambia under the protectorate of the tribe to Mukuni Village on the outskirts of Livingstone.

Mukuni Village is the home of Chief Mukuni who has fostered a culture of creativity where many skilled local artisans, and carpenters in particular, can be found. Alfred and Twanda did not just find a new home with like-minded craftsmen in Mukuni Village, but they also found love and are now settled with wives and young families.

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