Pure Skills Education Approach and Improvements Seen

We caught up with Pure Skills to find out how they have gone about educating the community and whether they have seen an improvement. How do have you gone about educating the community? The Women’s groups and our team have been instrumental in community educations, along with partnerships with local NGO’s. We work to understand what impact’s each community most. So as an example is their asthma and breathing problems? Does this matter, and do the community care? Then we’d still do a full workshop but look at how we dispose of waste and how what we use has a big impact on the health of a community. A lot of show and tell, with practical solutions. Asking communities if...

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Sishemo's Story

Sishemo is a group of 7 female artisans based in the Nakatindi community, Livingstone, Southern Zambia. Nakatindi borders the Mosi-oa-Tunya National park, home to many species of animals as well as the mighty Zambezi River and awe-inspiring Victoria Falls. Sishemo take discarded glass bottles from lodges, hotels and households across Livingstone, crush and fire the glass into handcrafted, unique beads using traditional techniques. These beads are then used to make one-of-a-kind necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other bead products sold from the Sishemo Studio in Nakatindi and other outlets in Livingstone, Lusaka and now through the ABANYA online store. Sishemo’s artisans range from 21 to 65 years old, and collectively support over 40 family members and dependents, of which 14 are children. Employment opportunities in Nakatindi...

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Pure Skills Founders' Inspiration for Starting!

  Whilst working with a volunteer organisation based in Livingstone and through the community activities we managed I realised there was a whole generation of adults whom had missed out on education for a variety of reasons.  For some there was not enough money in the household (particularly true of women), others it was that they had to look after family due to deaths within the family and extended family and earn an income.  Many of these wonderful people were passionate about uplifting themselves and their communities.  We felt that skills training shouldn’t have to be linked to an individual’s academic achievement.  Also with little or no waste management within Livingstone and the surrounding areas it made sense to look...

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